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The hotel is situated in the center of the Lanyang plain, in the busiest commercial district of Yilan county – the Luodong CBD. There are numerous local delicacies and cuisine restaurants in the nearby area, as well as Taiwan’s most friendly night market – the Luodong night market. The hotel is also not far from the Luodong Forestry Culture Garden, the National Center for Traditional Arts, Dongshan River water park (children’s folklore and folkgame festival is held here), Wu-Lao Keng scenic resort, and other diverse destination, thus able to fulfil any travelers need for sightseeing or resting.


Take freeway no. 5 south via Hsuehshan Tunnel to the Luodong interchange. After exiting the off ramp, drive straight to country road 196 (Wujie Road section 3)and turn left. Head towards the Luodong CBD for about 3km. Turn left onto Tianjin Road and proceed for about 150m to arrive at the intersection of Tianjin and Linsen Road. The hotel is on the left.


Take the train to Luodong train station. Exit the station and walk for approximately 8 minutes on Gongzheng Road.


In response to energy saving and carbon reducing measures, the hotel recommends guests to utilize public transport, and there are also limited parking space.


Take Capital busses or Kamalan busses to the Luodong bus depo. After leaving the depo, go through the Luodong train station to arrive on Gongzheng Road. Takes about 10 minutes on foot to arrive at the hotel.