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Room type Price Area / ㎡ Balcony or recreational space Bed type Accommodates Extra Bed
5-person sunshine room 9000 41 Yes 2 double 1 single bed 5 Yes
4-person sunshine room 8000 28 Yes 2 double beds 4 No
4-person cozy room 7000 30 Yes 2 double beds 4 Yes
4-person refined room 6000 22 No 2 double beds 4 No
Sunshine guestroom 5000 23 Yes 1 double or 2 single beds 2 No
Cozy guestroom 4000 20 Yes 1 double or 2 single beds 2 Yes
Standard guestroom 3600 18 No 1 double 2 No
Rider guestroom 3000 13 No 1 single 1 No
Simple guestroom 2000 5 No 1 single 1 No
  • Guests staying at this hotel can enjoy buffet breakfast, from 7:00-10:00
  • Split-type air conditioner/LCD TV/cable channel/independent coil mattresses/down pillow/down duvet
  • Independent sanitary facilities/toiletries/hair dryer/indoor slippers
  • Electric thermal flasks/silent fridge/teabags/coffee satchet/mineral water
  • Free wi-fi throughout the hotel
  • Infant bed sets are available for renting (600NTD, includes bed, bath basin, bathroom chair)
  • Extra bed services (600NTD, include toiletry, breakfast, basic single person bed set).
  • Extra guest service (500NTD, includes toiletry and breakfast)
  • In addition to the stated number of guests, a child (younger than 7 years or less than 120cm tall) can live for free. Where the number of person or age exceeds the limit, the extra bed or person service shall be required, and the guest will be charged accordingly.
  • The rooms include either a double bed or two single bed. If the hotel is not notified, the default bed will be a double bed.
  • Weekdays are defined as the typical Monday-Thursday
  • Busy days are defined as Friday, or the eve before certain holidays
  • Holidays are defined as Saturday, or long weekends
  • New year’s Eve and Chinese New Year holidays are considered special holidays, where special room prices and definitions are announced separately.
  • For signing of contracts and quote for groups of guests, Friday and Saturday are defined as weekday (excepting for during the summer vacation period).
  • The definition of weekdays, holidays, and special holidays are determined by this hotel.